Project Evaluations and Case Studies



Food for the Hungry: (Mozambique) Care Group Operations Research Report

This Care Group Operational Research report details the results of a qualitative and quantitative study to identify the key components in the effective use of the Care Group model in Mozambique by Food for the Hungry.


GOAL:  (Ethiopia) Sidama Child Survival Program, Mid Term Evaluation

Main accomplishments at midterm include:  Effectiveness of Care Group model with behavior change measured by KPC survey showing increases in exclusive breastfeeding, appropriate IYCF practices, child and maternal immunization, access to iron folate (maternal) and Vitamin A (child).  Operations research in place for assessing effectiveness of Care Groups, introduction of new zinc/ORS protocol for management of diarrhea, and social marketing of Water Guard with successful phase one (acceptance and awareness).  Strengthened link between communities and Health Posts for promotion of maternal and newborn care, with use of HP labor & delivery services beginning to increase.  Initiation of joint supportive supervision (Woreda Health Office and GOAL) using COPE tools and with community participation and representation.