Care Group Models 

World Vision Nurturing Care Group Project Model (2020)


In 2018, the Nurturing Care Framework was released by UNICEF, the World Bank, WHO, ECDAN and the PMNCH.  This framework focuses on and promotes integration of interventions in health, nutrition, WaSH, responsive caregiving, early learning, security and safety.  There has been a growing body of evidence (in part from the Clean, Fed, and Nurtured movement) showing that integration of multisectoral activities – such as combining nutrition supplementation with early child stimulation – can produce better outcomes for complex outcomes (e.g., stunting) than single sector activities alone.  In World Vision, we believe that the CG approach can be used as a platform to promote behaviours in each of these domains, and created a training manual for a highly-integrated version of the approach, the Nurturing Care Groups project model.  A Child Protection CG module has been developed that promotes child protection behaviours to end violence against children, and we plan to expand that module and create additional standard modules (in the public domain) for each of our five sectors based on the good work that has already been done by multiple INGOs. WV is testing the project model this year in Ghana, focusing first on Child Protection and WaSH behaviours.

Given the renewed focus on integration promoted in the NC Framework, we believe other organizations may be interested in using the CG approach in this integrated way, and may already be doing so.  During this webinar, Tom Davis, Ben Tidwell and Todd Nitkin will present WV’s work to date on this integrated CG model and some of their early lessons learned, and also lead a discussion about what you are learning from use of CGs beyond the Health, Nutrition, and WaSH sectors – in child protection, education, livelihoods, and other cross-cutting domains like gender and MHPS.